Before contacting a web design company ask yourself a few questions

Click here to¬†download the print PDF of this article with a notes section In some situations, these questions are easier to answer than others. If there is an existing company website, some of these questions may already have answers. For new ventures in the preliminary stages, they may be harder. Since the term “website” in […]

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Top Content Management Systems

These days, it is great to develop a website on a content management system to have more immediate control over your content. Though medium to large companies have budgets for time blocks with agency for the simple edits they don’t have time to do, gone are the days of having to contact your development agency […]

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Web design is more than graphical design

When looking for a web design company it is important to know what skill levels are needed for your project (it may involve many disciplines). In the old days, “web design” was design with some html knowledge to get the job done for most basic sites. Those days are long gone for the professional website. […]

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